About Agribusiness Forum

AgriBusiness Forum is held annually in Greece to integrating partnerships and advancing knowledge for the digitization and digital transformation of the Agri & Food value chain in Greece and beyond.


AgriBusiness Forum is a gathering for agribusiness leaders, VC investors, agtech innovators, farmers, producers and academia connecting the modules of sustainable bio-agriculture, cultivation-plant-nutrition protection, digital farming, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, agriculture automation, livestock adaption, food safety, certification and agro-logistics.


AgriBusiness Forum enhancing issues affecting the improvement of the level of cross-sectoral cooperation interconnecting research & development, technology, education, cultivation, processing, businesses while stimulating policies towards near-future agriculture & circular economy, being factors which determine the value-added production, supply-chain optimization, capacity building & ag-tech models transferability.


AgriBusiness Forum is consisted by 5 key modules integrated into one event:

  1. A Masterclass: providing 2-days immersive training to selected food & agtech scaleups
  2. A Challenge: scaleups pitching event where best 3 going panelists to forum sessions’
  3. A Corporate Scaleups Engagement Program: a gathering between scaleups and agrifood leading businesses
  4. AgTech conference: enhancing issues for the digitization and digital transformation of the agrifood value chain and providing insights for agri-sectoral policies in Greece and the EU
  5. A Field Visit: to expanding knowledge, analyze elements and point-out market opportunities of a specific agri-project


AgriBusiness Forum is an independent, nonprofit & nongovernmental platform owned by Geo Routes Cultural Institute, powered by Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum and supported by a number of international, regional & local institutions and organizations.