Ambassador Michael B. Christides

Secretary General, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

Mr. Tassos Haniotis

Director, Strategy, Simplification & Policy Analysis, Directorate General for Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission


Mr. Costas Apostolopoulos

Head of the Evaluation and Institutional Support Unit, Managing Authority for Rural Development Programme in Greece

Dr. Georgios Arsenos

Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Mr. Giannis Balakakis

President, Geo Routes Cultural Institute
Chair Organizing Committee

Mr. Alexandros Dimitrakopoulos

Regional Mandate Manager, European Investment Fund (EIF)

Dr. Eleftherios Iakovou

Director of Manufacturing & Logistics Innovation Initiatives, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Dr. Charalambos Kasimis

Secretary General of Agricultural Policy & Management of European Funds, Ministry of Rural Development & Food

Dr. Athanasios Kizos

Professor of Rural Geography, University of the Aegean

Dr. Demetrios Kouretas

Professor, Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology, University of Thessaly

Ms. Effie Lazaridou

Managing Director, Rutgers, Greece
New Agriculture for a New Generation

Mr. Christos Meglas

President, Serres Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Yiannis Moisiadis

Governor, Regional Unit of Serres
Vice-Chair Organizing Committee

Dr. Philip Papadopoulos

Director, Strategic Project Management Office, American Farm School

Ms. Dimitra Papandreou

Principal Manager, Advice for Small Businesses, Greece, EBRD

Dr. Dimitrios Vlachos

Director of the Laboratory of Statistics & Quantitative Analysis Methods, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Ms. Augusta A. Vrachnou

Principal Banker, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Mr. Geert Wilms

Director of Agricultural Innovation Brabant (LIB) partner of ZLTO farmer’s organization, The Netherlands


Mr. Anthony D. Papayannides

Journalist, General Manager Economia Group

Mr. Yannis Politis

Journalist, Action 24