About the Masterclass

The Masterclass is a complimentary immersive training to support entrepreneurship in the AgriFood value chain, in an acceleration program taking place prior the commencement of the AgriBusiness Forum. Applicants are selected based on company’s profile, team’s composition, the viability of the idea and/or the level of innovation.


A) Who is it for?

  • For early stage AgriFood innovative scaleups (founded less than 6 years ago) with passion to lift-off, disrupt the market, grow globally and create positive impact on agrifood system.
  • For scaleups offering innovative solutions across the AgriFood value chain, dealing with consumer food products, soil & crop tech, irrigation & water tech, smart equipment, novel ingredients, food e-commerce, sustainable packaging, food safety & traceability, food waste technology or other related innovative fields.
  • For scaleups forming a repeatable and scalable business model around a product, service, process or a platform, in order to meet a marketable need.


B) What are the criteria?

  • Being active in the AgriFood value chain as described above (paragraph A)
  • Participating with 1 or 2 company representatives
  • Being available to dedicate 5 days throughout AgriBusiness Forum annual event
  • Participating to the Challenge event
  • Having good command in English
  • Applying for participation prior to the expiration of the deadline as to appear on-site AgriBusiness Forum
  • Submitting complete application through AgriBusiness Forum official website and accepting the Privacy Policy and General Terms of participation


C) How are scaleups selected?

  • Having timely submitted and completed in full the application for participation through AgriBusiness Forum official website
  • Based on predefined criteria as explicitly stated above (paragraphs A and B)
  • Applications are screened and evaluated by AgriBusiness Forum key partners as listed to the ‘Selection Committee’


D) When will I know if I’m selected?

We’ll get in touch with you by mid-September 2019 (date is subject to change)


E) What happens if I am selected?

You participate to the Masterclass for free and will be provided as follows:

  1. Training program 2 ½ days
  2. Participation to the Challenge event
  3. Αttendance to AgriBusiness conference
  4. Participation to the Field Visit program
  5. 4 nights (twin sharing room) hotel accommodation (single supplement to the charge of the participant)
  6. Daily breakfast and 5 meals throughout your stay
  7. Networking meetings including private ones
  8. Media interviews
  9. Public-bus transportation (Serres KTEL) from Athens or Thessaloniki to Serres and vice-versa