Our company “Amphipolis Beekeeping” has a new and modern honey processing and standardization. It is one of the most complete vertical units, owning and rearing approximately 1000 hives.

We are located at the foot of Mount Pangaio in Rodolivos, at the headquarters of the Municipality of Amfipolis. We are a TUV Rhineland certified company with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 food safety systems.

Our products comply with the rules of good agricultural practice, good industrial practice and all the quality control rules provided by European law. Furthermore, we appeal to modern consumers who do not negotiate the quality of the products they buy and want to be sure of the quality of what they consume.

Our company owns original and innovative patented products that we have copyrighted in euipo (rose honey, tea with honey).

We have supplied our products to overseas markets such as Switzerland, Singapore and USA.