Vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and commercialization of branded healthcare product. From seed to shelf.

Team Members

Yannis Zannias

BA in Automation Engineering (Piraeus University of Applied Sciences). Through his studies he had the opportunity to participate in two EU programs taking place in Vienna (Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci) where he had his first contact with web design and the digital media world via his internship at Telekom and PKS.

In 2005 he moved to Madrid, where he studied his first MA in Arts and New Technologies at the European University of Madrid. He then worked as a programmer/technician at Waskman Design Studio based in Madrid, carrying out various multimedia and interactive projects throughout Spain and Europe.

His second MA in Leadership and Cultural Management at University Rey Juan Carlos, further boosted his knowledge and skills in this specific area of studies. In 2015 took over the family agriculture business, managed to improve the current cultivation and tried new ones with positive results.

Kostas Kanaroglou

BSc in Biology and Pharmaceutical Industry specific MBA. He grew up in Athens then London. Studied in Brighton UK. In 1999 he moved to Madrid. His work experience includes 8 years in a Pharmaceutical Company (AstraZeneca) in various positions including product management, sales & market analysis as well as forecasting manager. His ability with languages (quadrilingual) involved him in numerous international projects in AZ. Since 2007 he lives in Greece and works in the pharmaceutical and health related industry (Cana Laboratories). For 5 years he worked as Human Resources Director before assuming the role of CEO in 2012.