The company “Crocus Serron” deals with the growing, process and trading of the spice saffron (crocus sativus). The product is produced in the form of stigmata.

The company started with a pilot of 1 acre in 2016 in Xirotopos Serron and afterwards in Neos Skopos Serron. When we saw that the quality of the product was of the highest standards and was classified in category I, according to ISO 3632/2013 in the 3rd year (2018) we expanded the cultivation to 5 acres in Neos Skopos Serron and this year (2019) we expanded again to 15 acres.

We process the crocus manually up to the packaging in a rented area. The product we produce is distributed mainly in local shops in Serres, in specially selected shops of neighboring prefectures and in some health institutes in Germany.