Inagros provides a technological tool aiming to bridge the gap between farmers and modern technology. The final goal of our enterprise includes the optimization of crop productivity, as well as the reduction in water fertilizer and energy consumption. This way we can improve the farmers’ quality of life and increase their annual profit. Agronomists are included in our plan; the consist the mastermind that will allow the farmer achieve the aforementioned goals.

The core of our integrated system is a device, which is installed in the agricultural areas of interest. High tech sensors are encapsulated into the device, generating the necessary data associated with various field characteristics (temperature, humidity etc). The data obtained are then transferred to our web platform, providing access to the farmer and agronomist alike. The platform tools implemented provide a variety of services, such as the detailed inspection of the field, a calendar where all actions are registered and the automation of irrigation system. Additionally, the setup of extreme condition limits for each crop types is possible. This serves as an alert limit that informs the farmers of the immediate actions that need to be taken, in order to avoid potential negative consequences for crop productivity.

Team Members

Andreas Zerkoulis

The CEO/ Co-Founder is a student pending graduation at the National Technical University of Athens, department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. He is quite experienced with electrical facilities, automated and irrigational systems. Apart from this, he has also been involved, professionally, into digital marketing and project management. Finally, he has participated as a volunteer (Team Leader in 2013, Financial Manager in 2014) in Job Fair Athens, the biggest two-day career conference organized by students, appealing to other students and graduates.

Vasileios Laskos

The Product Manager is a graduate student of Panteion University, department of Communication, Media and Culture. He is quite experienced with media, as well as with marketing, social media and project management. He has also been involved in digital journalism, as he was a trainee for 4 months in 24 media. Last but not least, he was editor in chief (for 2 years), and communications manager (1 year) of student magazine “To Kaleidoskopio”.