Kerkinis Gi S.C.C, providing high quality innovative products from pure raw materials. Our aim is to offer quality nutritious food according to the requirements of modern man through the economic model of social economy.

The beginning was in 2013, when a group of organic farmers in the region of Kerkini Serres decided to follow a different path for their production, by processing, standardizing and distributing their own products. In 2014 was completed the modern laboratory of Kerkinis Gi which is organic certified according to the strictest European certification standards.

In the short time in which we operate, we have created an excellent range of products based on Aronia and Emmer and win a broad market in these materials. We work with health food shops and delicatessen across Greece with the number of those to be growing as they embrace our efforts to quality output and excellent price / product relation.

We want to shape a common framework of thinking and production in the local community perception. In this context, we consider diet one of the primary means of self-esteem of man. So we cultivate organic, process and standardize on these tools and materials of which to ensure the finest results.