My business is individual and started with a lot of love for lavender. Initially, I did a lot of seminars on aromatic plants to get to know the lavender’s demands for success. Since the farms they had available were suitable and after soil tests I did, I decided to proceed with planting. After two years she started to perform and this year I decided to go professionally with the production of lavender and its products that I love so much !!! The products I have so far are lavender cuffs used as rugs and fragrances as well as packaged lavender bouquets. Soon I will have lavender essential oil. So far I have worked and fueled the products that a large hotel chain in Greece. I have also participated in two exhibitions to make my products known.

Team Members

Maria Gredi

Studies: Economic & Regional Development Panteion University of Athens

Work: Egnatia Bank SA / Executive Director of Classified Credit Management

Municipality of Emmanouil Papa Serron / Special Associate

KEK Region / Consultancy in financial matters – econometric studies

Producer of lavender and lavender products