MADE of creative partnerships, that not only multiply the positive effect and lead to further proactive collaborations, but also inspire with ideas of social impact. MADE Group is an alliance of experts, of diverse disciplines who work together for the benefit of those who trust us: our work is shaped by the elements of sophisticated strategies, credible communications, timely management and effective operations.

MADE supports initiatives and projects of social innovation and aims to creative synergies and networks that lead to sustainable partnerships. The MADE Group provides management, communication and consulting services, empowers initiatives and undertakes projects of numerous fields such as law, mediation, finance, new technologies, innovation, education, CSR and for non-profit purposes. One of these projects is AgroSynergies

The partners of MADE are innovative and credible European public and private organizations, that share the respect for the fundamental values of the European Union and is partner of program supported by the Horizon2020 of EU. MADE is a Member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, supported by the European Commission and member of the Digital Social Innovation Community.

Team Members

Ioannis Sarros

I am an Agronomist. Ι have worked in family farming and my parents were second generation tobacco growers. They attended many national & international agricultural seminars & workshops.

1989-1991: CEO in the Agricultural Association of Elassona and I had my presentation of rural broadcasts on the Elassonas radio.

1992: I settled in Arkitsa Lokrida and I was engaged in organic farming.

1992-1997: Employee in various agricultural companies in the field of agricultural trade and management of rural development programs.

1993-1997: Trainer of geotechnics and farmers in various seminars by private companies on agricultural innovation, technology and development.

1992-1997: Member of the European Council of Young Farmers-CEJA.

2016-2018: Founding member of Social Cooperative Societies.

1997-2004: Special advisor to the Ministry of Labor &Social Insurance, the Ministry of Health and of Finance, and in legislative committees of the above ministries.

2005-2019: Production and presenting my own agricultural production until today at STAR of Central Greece TV channel

2015-2019:Editor-in-Chief of the Rural Country newspaper entitled “YPAITHROS CHORA”