Our company is active in the sale of organic and extra virgin olive oil. Besides the exceptional olive oil that is has been producing for the last thirty years, the Grigoriadis family has also carried out an integrated production, storage and packaging plan for its olive products, with a focus on innovation and the promotion of Serres’s olive oil’s distinguishing features. It also offers its customers high quality services, through its use of modern bottling and packaging methods. In the village of Haropo, Serres, where the family has its home, a fully-equipped, forty square meter facility was built to house the main production unit, storage tanks and state-of-the-art bottling and labelling machinery.

Team Members

Theodoros Grigoriadis 

My name is Gregoriadis Theodoros I am 40 years old, I am a plumber and I know good English. At my mother’s company- production of organic olive oil – I voluntarily help with the production and standardization of the products. It is a family business and for three years deals with organic olive oil.