Caspar Veldkamp is ambassador of the Netherlands to Greece since 2015.

The Embassy initiated a startup incubator in Athens, called Orange Grove.

He was ambassador to Israel from 2011-2015. Previously, he worked in high-level positions in The Hague on European affairs and international financial institutions. He was embassy counselor in Washington and private secretary of the Dutch minister for European Affairs. He has been a Dutch delegation member to many EU ministerial and summit meetings. He worked in junior-level diplomatic positions in The Hague and Warsaw from 1992. Before joining the diplomatic service, he worked for US senator Richard G. Lugar in Washington and served as a reserve officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

He graduated from Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and Leiden University, studied at Indiana University and Georgetown University and followed executive programs at Harvard University and INSEAD.

Topic: Κεντρικός Ομιλητής - Το «Triple Helix» η ραχοκοκαλιά της γεωργικής ανάπτυξης στην Ολλανδία: Η συνεργασία είναι το κλειδί για μια καινοτόμο, παραγωγική και βιώσιμη γεωργία