Quo Vadis Europe? A different understanding of geopolitics, geoeconomics, and food safety

The next Balkans & Black Sea Forum Executive Roundtable goes on July 10th, 2024, entitled “Peace & Security in EUrAsia: feasible, sustainable or an illusion”. Held under Chatham-house rules, restricted to experts and selected audience by invitation only, once again, it will give space for open, sincere and out-of-the-box dialogue & debate about the destabilizing situation in the Middle East & Eurasia.


AgriBusiness Forum 7th international edition entitled “Quo Vadis Greek & European agriculture?” is held in Athens-GR on 21-22/11/2024, focused on the augmented uncertainties burdening the European agrifood value chains. High caliber experts unveil what needs to be done in terms of the EU & National policies, new CAP, Crop & Livestock production, Climate & Environment, Sustainable cities, Food systems’ safety-security, Financing, and from Inputs & Retail industries. Stay tuned!!!