AgriBusiness Thessaly Summit 2021 (pre-announcement)

AgriBusiness Forum | Thessaly summit is held on 19-20/11/2021 in Trikala-Greece highlighting “The Future of Thessaly plain in the digital era”. It will be spanning across 7 high caliber sessions, 35 focal areas and 40 renowned speakers. The conference will be held with the physical participation of the speakers and accredited audience representing leading businesses, financial services, innovative farmers, policy makers, research and academia.

The programme

Friday, 19/11/2021

  • Chapter-1: CAP 2021-2027, EU Recovery Fund, “Green Deal”, Climate Change & adaptation
  • Chapter-2:  Tool-kit for efficient agribusiness: financial services, insurance and advisory instruments
  • Chapter-3: The future of large-scale agriculture: precision farming addresses profitability and yield management
  • Chapter-4: Energy & Water resources: rivers’ supplies, reservoirs, energy & water power technologies
  • Chapter-5: Livestock & Fisheries: sheep & goat farming, cheese sector, goats & cattle for food and dairy, aquaculture farm industry

Saturday, 20/11/2021

  • Chapter-6: Plant transformation & hort-innovation: hydroponics crops under-coverage. Exploring greenhouses’ emerging opportunities
  • Chapter-7: Model agriculture under the synergies of Farmers-Businesses-Research/Academia.  Advanced cooperatives’ future face
  • Field visit experience in local agricultural facility
Agenda is subject to Chapters’ reordering, rephrasing, modifications