About Agribusiness Forum

AgriBusiness Forum is committed to advancing knowledge for the digitization & digital transformation of the agrifood value chain from seed to fork; and pivotal platform at boosting innovation and integrating partnerships towards viable, sustainable, traceable and resilient agrifood systems in Greece, Europe and the world.

AgriBusiness Forum is addressed to and constantly gathers officials, leading businesses, farmers, policymakers, researchers and academia. It focuses on EU policies, Green Deal, UN 2030 Agenda, Food Security & Safety, Precision farming, Smart processing, Health claims & emerging risks, Agritourism, Women in Agri, Climate change, AgriLogistics, New Technologies, Competition etc.

AgriBusiness Forum spans across a number of top-tier networking & learning activities, including conferences, summits, masterclasses and AgriFood Traction Tours in major European agri-destinations. Yet, it maintains partnerships and collaboration with distinctive national, regional and international bodies & organizations.

AgriBusiness Forum enhances issues affecting the improvement of the level of cross-sectoral cooperation across research & development, technology, education, cultivation, processing and businesses, being factors which determine the value-added production, supply-chain optimization, capacity building and innovative models transferability.

AgriBusiness Forum may integrate up to 5 modules into one single event:

  • Masterclasses on entrepreneurship
  • Challenge on innovation
  • One or two days conference 
  • Onsite Field visit(s)
  • Networking and Corporate Engagement 

AgriBusiness Forum is an independent, nonprofit & nongovernmental platform powered by  Geo Routes Institute, and supported by Gnomon Performance and the Balkans & Black Sea Forum