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Agrifood Traction Tour 2022

Netherlands, Noord Brabant, 31 August-4 September 2022

An exciting networking & learning event to the Netherlands (world’s leading agrifood producer), providing knowledge & output assessment in Dutch agriculture, horticulture, food technology and deal flows, through high-level meetings and 11 field-visits at small to large-scale agricultural facilities. It is held with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Netherlands, LIB/ZLTO (South Holland Farmers Organization) and Hellenic-Dutch Business Association aimed at advancing partnerships and paving paths for bilateral cooperation. The fam-trip is made for businesses, cooperatives, farmers, financial services, policymakers, & academia. Tour language is English and it is limited to 30 participants.

In focus: Milk & Dairy, Livestock, Processing & Trading, Nurseries, Fruits, Vegetables, Potatoes, Organic foods, New Technologies

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