Dr. Chris Cavalaris is an Agricultural Engineer working as a Laboratory Teaching Staff at the Department of Agriculture, Crop Production & Rural Environment – University of Thessaly, Greece. His expertise covers the subject of Sustainable Farm Mechanization including the topics of Conservation agriculture, Precision agriculture, Biomass and biofuels, Optimum farm machinery management, and proper use of Pesticide application equipment. He has been engaged for over 25 years in numerous research projects and has over 80 publications in international and national peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences and has participated in 24 international, national and private scientific projects having been the scientific responsible for 7 of them. Recently he has been working with agricultural UAVs related to remote sensing and product applications, owning also an EASA-approved UAV license. He is the President of the Hellenic Association for Promotion of Conservation Agriculture – HACA and has served as a board member of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) and a board member of the Hellenic Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Topic: Soil health as a prerequisite for a sustainable agriculture