Dr Filitsa Karamaouna is a Research Director in Agricultural Entomology, Head of Laboratory of Efficacy Control of Pesticides at Benaki Phytopathological Institute. She has research experience on biological control and IPM of agricultural insect pests, evaluation of insecticidal effect of botanical substances on insect pests and their adverse effects on non-target (beneficial) insects, and groundcover management to enhance natural enemies of crop pests and pollinators in agroecosystems. She has long work experience in efficacy evaluation of pesticides (mainly insecticides) for registration purposes. She has participated as coordinator, action leader, research fellow in several projects funded by the EU (PRIMA PLANT-B, FP7-COFREE, FP7-PALMPROTECT, LIFE SAGE, LIFE ECOPEST), national (NanoBioEnviro) or private sector (Operation Pollinator). She has published around 35 peer-reviewed articles and 7 book chapters. She is the Chief Editor of Hellenic Plant Protection Journal (www.hppj.gr), Topic Editor in Insects, Assoc. Editor of International Journal of Pest Management, Review Editor in Frontiers in Bee Science. https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7156-6875

Topic: Plant protection and biodiversity conservation