Responsible for the actual scheduling and forecasting of the needs and transport of the country’s fertilizers to the Fertilizers Corporate Company ( SYNEL ). Responsible for integrated pest management and organic farming. Responsible for the promotion of investment programs with the utilization of renewable energy sources for the development of the dynamic field of greenhouse cultivations. Consultant and Inspector for the Agrocert certification for pest management cultivations in Greece. Science consultant of the European educational program for young professionals (NEΛΕ) in Messenia. Member of the committee for the reforming of the educational program of Kalamata TEI, (Technological Educational Institute). Coordinator of the National Guidelines for the integrated crop management in the greenhouse as well as watermelon cultivations, which were recently uploaded at the site of the Ministry of Hellenic of Rural Development and Food. Director of the Trifylia-based educational program of agriculturists from Cyprus, Mauritius, Poland, West Africa, and Albania, on horticultural plants and plant protection. Tutor and Lecturer of various OGEEKA “DIMITRA” institute educational programs, for agriculturists and farmers around Greece focusing on plant protection, crop fertilization, organic farming, integrated crop management etc.

Participants of various European programs focusing on cultivations of Trifylia area as well as on strategies that take advantage of the new technological advancements and the promotion of precision agriculture. Mr Paraskevopoulo’s impact on the Trifylia area has added high value to its development. Through innovations and initiatives, Mr Paraskevopoulos has created such conditions for the increase of the profit in the area and the improvement of the farmer’s economic status.

Topic: Plant protection challenges in strategic agricultural crops - Olive