Antonios Vezyroglou studied Horticulture at the University of Nottingham (UK), pursued an MSc in Agricultural Economics at Wye College (University of London) and finally got an M.B.A. degree from Imperial College (UK).

Following his studies in the UK he worked for one year at the banking sector in London (Gerrard Investment Management) as an internal auditor, and another two years at a consulting firm in Oxford specializing in agricultural commodities (LMC International) where he worked as an economic analyst.

Returning to Greece he carried out market research in the fresh vegetable sector in Greece and in 2006 he founded together with his father the company “Vezyroglou Farm”. The Company today has vertical production of baby leaves, starting from field production, following to industrial production and reaching the final consumer.

Topic: Plant protection challenges in strategic agricultural crops - Horticulture