Thanasis Tsoutsas was born in 1965 in Livadeia, Viotia and is the director of the seed sector of BASF HELLAS AEBE.

He started his career at the Hoechst Company in 1992 as Development Manager for KWS seeds, Nunhems vegetable seeds and Complesal Fertilizers in Northern Greece. In 1995 he became Product Manager of seeds and fertilizers at the successor company of Hoechst, Ag rEvo and later Aventis. After the acquisition of Aventis by Bayer in 2002, he became director of the seed sector of Bayer Hellas until the mid of 2018. From 2018 until today, he is the head of the seed division of BASF HELLAS for Southern Europe, with countries of responsibility Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Portugal for the following crops: Cotton, rice, sunflower and rapeseed. He was a member of the Greek organizing committee for the organization in Athens of the ISF (International Seed Federation) congress in May 2013 and served the Greek Seed Trade Association (SEPY) as Treasurer for many years. In the elections of June 2022, he was elected President of the Association. Thanasis Tsoutsas is a graduate of the Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialization in the field of Crop Science and holds a master’s degree in business administration for Business Executives (MBA for Executive) from the Athens University of Economics. He is married to Katerina Bandi/Professor of French Language and Literature and has two daughters.

Topic: The importance of seed / plant reproductive material in addressing the challenges posed by the environment and climate change