Spyros Ignatiadis works as the Director of Strategy & Development of the ids CONSULTING & IDEA training group of companies. Before that, his career included a series of positions of responsibility in the fields of management, business development and internationalization of businesses. Specifically, he previously held the position of General Manager of the Exporters’ Association – SEVE while the positions of responsibility he held include the companies Organic Electronics Technologies (OET), as Director of Business Development & Marketing, at the same time he collaborated as head of Technology Transfer and Promotion of Research Results of the Nanotechnology Laboratory of AUTh, as well as as Development Consultant of the Hellenic Association of Organic Printed Electronics. Greece – HOPE-A / Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association.

While for fifteen years he held the position of General Manager of the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece-SEPVE (Thessaloniki) during the period of his work at SEPVE, he effectively helped for the development and consolidation of the association as well as for its international networking through the participation and organization of important European Programs. He also served for a period of six years as a Marketing & Public Relations executive at the Greek software company “Singular”.

His experience is based on a number of companies in matters of strategic development, internationalization and extroversion of businesses and organizations, in areas such as international marketing of the Digital Economy, ICT-Information & Communication Technologies, Supply Chain Science – Logistics, Marketing – Communication & Public Relations.

Topic: Circular Economy in Agriculture: The only way to a sustainable future