Chara Panagopoulou is an agronomist with over 30 years of experience in plant protection products (PPP) policy working in the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, department of Plant Protection Products (PPPs), since 1995. Her field of expertise is directly link to all matters related to PPPs participating in both national and international bodies. She is the Greek representative to the PPPs legislation section of the EU Standing Committee (SCoPAFF), as well as a member of the Greek delegate participating as an expert in the current ongoing discussions at the EU Council for the proposed by the EU Commission regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides (SUR). During these years of working in the Ministry she was involved in various working groups at EU level such as post approval issues, south zone steering committee, comparative risk assessment etc. She is responsible for the risk management of PPPs and for the communication with stakeholders, farmers and the public. She also develops national legislation and constructs guidance documents on various topics related to PPPs . She is also a GEP accreditation auditor. She is passionate about promoting integrated pest management and ensuring food quality and safety.

Topic: European legislation on plant protection and the Green Deal challenges