Journalist Maria Samolada began her professional journey in 2000, which resulted in her having work experience in and with all kinds of journalism and media. Some indicative examples of her work journey have been with Alter Channel, Real Fm 107.1, Ράδιο Θεσσαλονίκη 94.5 (Radio Thessaloniki 94.5), TV100, ThessNews, RealNews, Myportal; through reportages, being the main presenter of different programs and news broadcasts.

In 2018 she was the mind behind the creation of the economic and political online newspaper, still carrying the role of being the General Manager to date. She conducts personality interviews on WebTV and writes articles. She is the creator of WebRadio, makes podcasts, is responsible for editing the Journal of Police Alliance of Thessaloniki, and coordinates panels at conferences and seminars. Furthermore, she offers services of professional advice to Press Offices of organizations, entities, businesses and persons.

Since 2015, recognizing the crucial role that is necessary to hold for anyone who serves journalism, Maria Samolada devotes a rather respectable amount of her time and expertise in disseminating the innovative project against school and online bullying,; an act that lead her to honorably receive the Journalist Award by the Botsi Foundation.

She is born and raised in Thessaloniki, where she also works by choice. She is the mother of one, a boy, and she is also a member of the Union of Daily Newspaper Journalists of Macedonia – Thrace.