Voula Kalliakaki was born and raised in Athens. She is an Agronomist, a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens.

During her carrier she has worked in the private sector in Companies of Plant Protection products and in positions related to development, registration and distribution of plant protection products, always following the EU Regulatory Framework as well as the National Legislations and Requirements of the countries for which she has been responsible.

In 1986 she was hired by CIPA GEIGY Hellas, while from 2008 she became Head of Regulatory affairs & Stewardship Department of Syngenta Hellas with countries of responsibility Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Israel and Palestine.

Today, she is the Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department of Syngenta’s Mediterranean Business area, she is member of the EAME Regulatory Leadership Team representing the countries of Southern Europe (South Zonal Focus Lead). She is the President of the Technical Committee of ESYF and participates at relative Committees for implementation of SUR (Sustainable Use Regulation) and for the implementation of the “Farm to Fork strategy” in Greece.