Apostolis Koutinas is Chemical Engineer (University of Patras, Greece) with PhD in Biochemical Engineering (UMIST, UK). He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece).

His research focuses on bioprocess and biorefinery development within a circular economy context. Emphasis is given on process development combined with process design, techno-economic evaluation and life cycle assessment for the sustainable production of bio-based chemicals, polymers and various value-added products (e.g. active and biodegradable packaging materials, solvents, coatings, polyurethanes, advanced biofuels, bacterial nanocellulose) using crude renewable resources.

Since 2011, he has participated in 32 research and development projects funded by national and international funding agencies and the industry. He has published 145 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals (h-index 40, scopus database) and 19 book chapters. He currently serves as co-Editor in the Biochemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier).