As an Agricultural Engineer, Dimitris has got an eye for Improvement. 28 years in business development, this trait has been the driving force of a career dominated by a year-on-year increase of the sales of agricultural inputs, and the development of teams of unshaken loyalty.

In a market dominated by volatility and change in line with nature, he has invested in building robust networks and commercial relationships globally. Heavily involved in new product design and development himself, he is extremely confident to propagate the final products to a Greek-and not only- wide network of clients.

In his current position as Commercial Excellence-Fertilizers & Seeds Director in ADAMA HELLAS, he is responsible not only for the sustainable development of the Business but also for the introduction of ADAMA Commercial Excellence innovative practices and tools to ADAMA HELLAS, in order to optimize the company’s GM & GP, steering business to success through upward and downward economic cycles.

Dimitris is based on 3 key things: a. data analysis b. clear strategy c. a focus on a win-win mentality all around.

Elected as President of the BOD of the Hellenic Fertilizers Association for the biennium 2022-24, and Vice President of CYCLOS SA (company under the aegis of the Hellenic CP Association) for the triennium 2023-26, he enjoys widespread acceptance from peers across the country and keeps a hand on the pulse of the industry thus affecting change for the greater benefit.

Topic: The Role and Contribution of the Crop Nutrition Sector to Climate Change Challenges