Studied Business Administration (Management- Organizational Behavior and Marketing-Marketing Management) (Bachelor), International Relations (Post Graduate Diploma) and Public Administration (MPA)

Working for more than two decades as a Political and Diplomatic Editor/Analyst in Newspapers, TV Stations, Radio Stations, Magazines and News Websites, as Broadcaster. Served as Managing Editor in Political – Diplomatic Magazines & Radio Stations and as Editor in Chief in Radio, Magazines, Newspapers.

The last 7 years hosts as Radio Broadcaster a daily two hours radio program in Parapolitika 90,1 Radio Station, (diplomacy, politics, security issues, economy, international relations), also editor in the newspaper Parapolitika for strategic and security issues

Participating in TV programs as commentator/analyst for political, diplomatic, defense and economic issues. Has covered political/diplomatic/economic summits, meetings and events (EU, NATO, UN) and participated in media missions and assignments in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and the US.

Appointed Deputy Mayor (elected municipal councilor) in Zografou City, Athens, for Public and International Relations, and Citizens’ Service.