Booking & Cancellation Policy

Α) Booking Policy


  1. Please complete the booking form as appearing online at “Register” menu
  2. After having carefully read the General Terms & Conditions, please submit the booking form by email at
  3. Your registration will be tentative and not guarantee for participation can be provided unless a Geo Routes representative will be confirming availability by return.
  4. Please consider a 50% deposit should be paid within 2 working days following to Geo Routes confirmation After that period your booking will be released automatically.
  5. Final settlement of the remaining 50% should be effected on/before July 10th 2019. If failure of payment at that date resulting your reservation will be canceled and your deposit will be retained by Geo Routes.
  6. For any payment transactions, please observe providing Geo Routes copies of payment
  7. Payments are only accepted to the GEO ROUTES CULTURAL INSTITUTE bank account


ALPHA BANK, ΙΒΑΝ: GR4601401960196002101093240.


Β) Cancellation Policy

  1. After instalment deposit is not refundable
  2. Onwards July 10th 2019: 100% penalties