Geert Wilms, Director LIB/ZLTO Netherlands: key messages from ABF 2019

1. You have experienced AgriBusiness Forum for two consecutive years. What did you notice in terms of events’ development also about its main topic “The future of agriculture in the digital era”?

  • AgriBusiness Forum has undergone a major development within 1 year. The discussions and presentations have been deeper and broader. The interaction with the audience was also more interesting.
  • Furthermore it had better balance between farmers, businesses, government and knowledge institutions.
  • AgriBusiness Forum main topic remains a very important issue for farming and agribusiness sector in the world during the coming decade.

2. During your presentation you showcased various examples of innovative and digital farming from The Netherlands. How important is the adoption of digital technologies, research and innovation in farming sector and what do you think Greek farmers should do towards this direction?

  • Farmers have to delve into the matter themselves and decide how to implement such options into their companies, also to determine whether they want to lead the way or whether they want to get just behind the forerunners.
  • No doubt there are numerous application and opportunities for both large and small companies. It is therefore important to make the right choices. And to do that, it is smart to work together with other companies and with independent knowledge institutes.

3. Various speakers focused on the gap between research in the lab and actual adoption of knowledge and innovation in Greek farms. Professor Karantininis from Upsala-Sweden stated that the lack of a national advisory system in Greek agriculture is among the main factors of this problem. Do you agree with this opinion?

  • The gap between research in the lab and actual acceptance of knowledge and innovation on farms remains a constant point of attention.
  • Dutch sector has gained great benefits and development because of a national agricultural system formed by our government few decades ago.
  • Such system incorporated research, academia, groups of farmers and businesses, so that Netherlands to be a pioneer in the agribusiness world.

Short discussion with Mr. Antonis Addronikakis, Journalist, Ypaithros Hora