ABF2020 timely responds with 3 strong plans against Covid-19 weird-faces

In approx. 5 weeks, AgriBusiness Forum 3rd international edition on agrotechnology goes live in Athens-Greece on Wednesday, 7 October 2020 highlighting “Food Safety, Security & Resilience: pressing challenges in the COVID-19 era and beyond”.

To successfully address any measures to be potentially released by the Authorities against Covid-19, AgriBusiness Forum 2020 has assumed following alternatives:

  1. Current plan (physical attendance not exceeding the 50% of venue’s capacity): the Forum will accommodate 180 delegates. No live streaming will be available.
  2. Contingency plan-A (limited physical attendance): the Forum will accommodate the allowed number of delegates with live streaming real time.
  3. Contingency plan-B (Ban of conferences): the Forum will be held with speakers’ and panels physical attendance in other designated venue. Real time live streaming will be available.
  • AgriBusiness Forum terms of participation here

The 3rd international AgriBusiness Forum is held in Athens-Greece, Benaki Museum, on October 7th 2020 highlighting “Food Safety, Security & Resilience: pressing challenges in the COVID-19 era and beyond”; with the physical participation of 35 renowned speakers and limited pre-accredited audience of leading businesses, financial services, innovative farmers who will be joining 5 high caliber and content driven sessions.

Abstract: The Covid-19 has revealed severe shortcomings on globalized agrifood supply chains raising questions ranging from globalization to security, safety, risk management, and resilience of farm-to-fork food chains. Amidst the pandemic, AgriBusiness Forum 2020 focuses on addressing these pressing challenges for start shaping robust, comprehensive & coherent strategies towards viable, sustainable, traceable and resilient agrifood ecosystems in Greece and throughout the world.

ABF2020 sessions – focal areas:

  1. Climate change & Environmental sustainability
  2. Circular Economy, Internet of Things/Food, E-Commerce, Retailing
  3. Financing, Insurance and Services instruments
  4. Security, safety & resilience on Agrifood Supply Chains
  5. Policies for addressing short & midterm agrifood challenges

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ABF2020 basic terms for participation:

  1. Physical participation to ABF2020 is subject to approval of registrations. Applicants should need to register through AgriBusiness Forum official website and be waiting for a written confirmation for in-person participation to the conference. NO registration is considered confirmed without organizers’ written approval.
  2. Delegates’ participation is with a registration fee, which should be settled within 2 working days after reception of the aforementioned confirmation. Failure of payment results the cancellation of delegate’s application automatically.
  3. Priority for attendance to ABF2020 is provided to the Speakers & Moderators, the members of Advisory, Scientific & Field Experts Committees, and the Sponsors. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, participants may be subject to safety and hygiene test(s) to access the conference venue.

updated: 3/9/2020