Speakers 2020


Mr. Makis Voridis*

Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development & Food

Ms. Stella Ronner-Grubačić

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Greece


Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou

Chair, Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection, Hellenic Parliament

Dr. Anagnostis Argiriou

Deputy Director, Institute of Applied Biosciences – CERTH

Mr. Kees van Duijvendijk

Advisor Satellite Applications, Netherlands Space Office

Mr. Tassos Haniotis

Director, Strategy, Simplification & Policy Analysis, Directorate General for Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Dr. Serko Haroutounian

Professor, Αgricultural University of Athens Chairman, Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER

Dr. Eleftherios Iakovou

Director of Manufacturing & Logistics Innovation Initiatives, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Dr. Charalambos Kasimis

Professor, Agricultural University of Athens

Ms. Effie Kokoreli

Head of Agricultural and Bank Assurance, INTERAMERICAN SA

Dr. Eleni Maloupa

Director Institute of Plant Breeding & Genetic Resources, HAO-DEMETER

Mr. Dimitris Michaelides

Journalist, Agronea

Dr. George-John Nychas

Professor of Food Microbiology, Agricultural University of Athens

Dr. Philip Papadopoulos

Director, Strategic Project Management Office, American Farm School

Mr. Anthony D. Papayannides

Journalist, General Manager Economia Group

Dr. Panagiotis N. Skandamis

Member of the BIOHAZ panel, European Food Safety Authority

Mr. Dimitris Skarmoutsos

Executive chef, Natu Restaurant, Kifisia-Athens

Dr. Chrysoula Tassou

Research Director & President, Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP)

Mr. Nikos Thymakis

President, Institute of Agronomic Sciences

Dr. Dimitrios Vlachos

Director, Laboratory of Statistics & Quantitative Analysis Methods, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, AUTh

Mr. Geert Wilms

Director, Agricultural Innovation Brabant LIB/ZLTO, South Holland Farmers Organization

Dr. George Zalidis

Director of the Laboratory of Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy and G.I.S., AUTh, Faculty of Agriculture