Training schedule & focal areas 2019

29/10/2019, Tuesday: 15h00-19h00

American Farm School

Topic: Challenges in new agri-business environment

Focal Areas:

  • The life cycle of your business. What to expect?
  • Marketing is important. Although sales is the only tool for survival!
  • The fundamentals of costing and pricing
  • Consequences to be expected when proper legal support is missing to your business

Facilitator: Dr. Ilias Kalfas

Moderator(s): Mr. Kleovoulos Alexiadis, Mr. Vassilios Tsekeridis, Dr. Theodoros Sidiropoulos

30/10/2019, Wednesday: 09h00-13h00

Laboratory of Statistics & Quantitative Analysis Methods, AUTh.

Topic: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Focal Areas:

  • Supply Chain: Processes and decisions
  • Design of Supply and Distribution Networks
  • ​Value Chain Analysis and Performance Measurement of Supply Chains
  • Supply-Chain Strategy Planning

Facilitator: Dr. Dimitrios Vlachos

Moderator(s): Dr. Dimitris Folinas, Ms. Christina Paraskevopoulou

30/10/2019, Wednesday: 14h00-18h00

Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Demeter

Topic: Business development on plant biodiversity

Focal Areas:

  • Greek flora:  protection and evaluation
  • Integrated approach of the cultivation and production process
  • Plant production and certification
  • Traceability and identification of plant material and products produced
  • Processing
  • Ηigh added value products
  • Food security
  • Greek “Superfoods”
  • Utilization of by-products
  • Ecological, energy footprint

Facilitator: Dr. Eleni Maloupa

Moderator(s): Dr. Katerina Grigoriadou, Dr. Ioannis Ganopoulos

31/10/2019, Thursday: 09h00-13h00

Institute of Agronomic Sciences

Topic: Hellenic Future Farm

Focal Areas:

  • The European Landscape Convention and its relation to Hellenic agricultural landscape
  • Hellenic Rural Agricultural Landscape as Cultural good
  • Plant Cultivation in Landscape Ecology in Greece
  • The composition of the “Hellenic Future Farm”. Integration of Plant Cultivation, Animal Husbandry and Fish Farming by using “Smart Agriculture practices, based on new CAP period for renewal of Farm Population
  • Case Study: “Hellenic Garden” as development model of Horticulture and Landscaping worldwide
  • “Hellenic Future Farm” as agro touristic enterprise. Branding through financial instruments
  • Laboratory including a Case study and an Action – Business Plan

Facilitator: Mr. Nikolaos Thymakis

Moderator(s): Dr. Eleni Athanasiadou, Mr. Alexandros Vasiliadis

31/10/2019, Thursday: 14h00-17h00

Topic: Wrap-up and messages for a successful value proposition

Focal Areas:

  • SMEs preparations for pitching to the Challenge

Facilitator: TBA

Moderator(s): TBA