Governor's Message

When, from your institutional position as Vice-Regional Governor of a region like Serres, you know that the Primary Sector is a predominant element of its development, then you feel very happy on one hand and a special honor on the other hand, hosting, as a co-organizer, such a conference as Agribusiness Forum.

So, I welcome you in my region, in the belief that neither the Forum’s agenda nor its development by the speakers, nor my fellow citizens’ hospitality and kindness will betray your expectations.

The specific nature of the Forum is due to its educational, competition, business, sscientific and experiential character on one hand, and the high level of sessions on the other hand. This has constituted a great challenge for the co-organizers in order to take the initiative to carry out such a venture, being their success bet at the same time.

With particular emphasis on motivating innovative scale-ups, providing information and disseminating knowledge in the agricultural production chain of the agri-food sector and the rural circular economy, as well as the live presentation of innovative agricultural forms of cultivation or livestock and, finally, the B2B meetings,
we aspire to make the conference useful to all businesses and at the same time to establish it as a long term institution in our city.

I believe that the high level of the Forum’s Advisory Board, Scientific Committee and Field Experts constitutes, among others and together with the great experience of the main co-organizer, Geo Routes Cultural Institute, a guarantee for its success.

In the belief that such events as the AgriBusiness Forum promote our extroversion, give publicity to our region, stimulate local economy, and show our abilities in organizing them, I welcome you again, I thank you for your participation, I wish you a wonderful stay and I hope that upon your departure from Serres you will say “Thanks for all and we will come back soon”.


Ioannis Moisiadis
Vice-Regional Governor of Serres