The “Women’s Agricultural Cooperative Agios Antonios” was the first women’s cooperation in Thessaloniki. The Cooperation today comprises 20 women, that are all farmers and residents of the village.

The purpose of the cooperation is to employ women farmers of our village, enhance our family income, develop and promote the place, maintain and pass on tradition through the production and distribution of a range of healthy handmade traditional products made with love.

The need to produce these products was determined after market research, before the creation of the cooperation. We added value to the local produce and promoted our village as the products are marketed under the name of “Women’s Agricultural Cooperation of Agios Antonios” . The cooperation survived despite the competition by maintaining consistent quality, good prices and constantly promoting its work.

We produce handmade traditional high quality products with recipes that reflect our country’s cultural heritage. Perek pie with handmade pie leaves baked in the fireplace, syron, ivristo, macarina (noodles), egg noodles, trahana, jams and spoon sweets with no preservatives, cinnamon and almond cookies.

In 2008, utilizing the rural development programs, we started the operation of a traditional café (at the entrance of the village) with a well-tended yard and a playground for direct communication and sale to consumers. At the café, guests can taste traditional local perek pie and fresh pastries with their coffee or tea.