One more pivotal year of key-outcomes and broad participation to the AgriBusiness Forum 2020

AgriBusiness Forum 3rd international edition that was held in Athens on 7 October 2020, highlighting “Food Safety, Security & Resilience: pressing challenges in the COVID-19 era and beyond”, has recorded outstanding success in terms of renowned speakers, high-caliber topics, and furthermore to the extensive number of attendants joined and watched online the real time flow of the conference.

AgriBusiness Forum 2020 success is thanks to its 30 renowned speakers flourished the panels, its 5 high-caliber and content driven sessions, also because of the extensive number of attendants that joined and watched online the real time flow of the conference.

In 2020, AgriBusiness Forum proved its mission being to advancing knowledge for the digitization & digital transformation of the agrifood value chain from seed to fork; and key platform at boosting innovation, integrating partnerships and cross-sectoral cooperation for the future of the production, processing and distribution for safe & value-added products in the digital era.

In 2020, AgriBusiness Forum online module was offered complimentary to the public. Its 10hrs real time flow has been watched by 995 participants, of which 864 in Greek and 131 in English. Audience was consisted of businesses (40,5%), farmers (23,6%), institutions (10,7%), academia (17,1%) and public sector (8,1%).

From left: Mr. Harry Theocharis, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Giannis Balakakis, Chair AgriBusiness Forum, Ms. Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Ambassador of The Netherlands, Mr. Makis Voridis, Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development.

Special thanks to ABF2020 sponsors, namely the companies INTERAMERICAN, ATHENIAN BREWERY (lead sponsors), ALPHA BANK, KARCHER, IFCO, NEKTAR, GNOMON EVENTS, Dipnosofistirio catering, NATU bar-restaurant; and its selected media sponsors, ECONOMIA PUBLISHING, AGROVOICE and AGRONEA.

AgriBusiness Forum 2021 programme features number of cutting-edge networking and learning events in Greece & abroad: (a) the 4th International AgriBusiness Forum in Athens in early November, (b) a regional AgriBusiness Forum in Thessaly in late June, (c) the AgriFood Traction Tour to the Netherlands in late August, (d) an agritourism summit, and (e) masterclasses on entrepreneurship and challenge on innovation.


Christina Mangou

Head Communications, AgriBusiness Forum

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