He was born in 1979 in Corinthe, Greece. He has a bachelor degree in agricultural sciences from the Agricultural University of Athens and a master’s degree in viticulture and oenology from Montpellier SupAgro.

Currently, he is the general manager of Vine Nurseries Bakasieta (VNB) and Hellenifera, a company founded in 2015 in collaboration with the IFV. He has 4 publications on vine propagation and has taken part in hundreds of clone and rare grapevine prospection missions in Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, France and Bulgaria. He actively participated in the creation of the technical files for the inscription of the first Greek variety clones in the French national grapevine variety catalog.

He has created, through Hellenifera, the first healthy grapevine germplasm collection in Greece. He has given multiple speeches and seminars in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, France, Italy and the USA, regarding the dynamic and genetic wealth of the Greek grapevine varieties. He also serves as a viticulture consultant in Greek and Israeli wineries.

He is a member of Group of international Experts for Cooperation on Vitivinicultural Systems (Giesco), the International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus –like Diseases of the Grapevine (ICVG) and a founding member of the Greek Union of Nurseries (EFE).

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