Neoklis Stamkos is one of the leaders of alternative financing of MSMEs including micro-lending in Greece and is in charge of microSTARS project. Neoklis is Chief Financial Officer at Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) and was the founder and project manager of the KEPA office in Brussels.

He received Microfinance Center award of Financial Inclusion Ambassador for his efforts to stimulate microfinance in Greece and he is a Certified Expert in Microfinance, by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

He has been working in KEPA for 10 years, in various positions, starting as supervisor of evaluations of investment projects of ROP / CSF III, responsible of the department of inspections at ongoing projects of NSFR 2007-2013 “1st call for Strengthening of Micro and Small Enterprises”.

Topic: Fintech and microloans in agriculture: The microSTARS case