Paul Satolias was born in April 1971 in Skotani, Kalavrita, Achaia.

Since 19 he has worked professionally with livestock farming, maintaining a modern and well-equipped livestock unit. He is married to Theodoropoulou Paraskevi and is the father of three children of Fotis, Anastasia and Nikolas.

In 2003 he is elected for the first time in the Board of Directors of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kalavrita and since 2007 until today he is Chairman of the Board of Directors in the current Dairy Cooperative of Kalavrita. The Cooperative of Kalavryta has created modern infrastructure for the production of traditional PDO Feta dough with a turnover of over 25 million euros per year.

Since the founding of NEW PASEGES in September 2016 he has been a member of the Board of Directors and since May 2017 he has been elected Chairman of the Board with a strong sense of responsibility for defending the values ​​of farmers who serve daily and selflessly the primary agricultural sector .

He has taken an initiative to establish the National Interprofessional Organization of the Greek PDO Feta, and his personal bet is to continue the positive course of the Agricultural Dairy Cooperative of Kalavryta and to achieve a new model of operation of the cooperative movement in our country.


Topic: Acceleration of productive investments with cooperative direction and high added value