I completed the Technical Vocational High School of Amaliada, Direction of Crop Production in 1999 After entrance exams I continued as a student and a graduate in the Department of Organic Agriculture of the Higher Technological Educational Institute of Argostoli -Headlinery. I have acquired the Lifelong Education Certificate in Education Farmers to take action in the secondary and tertiary sector of the economy – the Secretariat of the General Secretariat for Standing Education. I completed the first round of communication in English and Italian.

Participation in all conferences of Young Farmers held in Kozani, Drama, Athens, Ancient Olympia, Karditsa, Lamia, Corinth,  Halkidiki, Rhodes, Chania, and Levadia. Participation in seminars for the promotion of organic farming and the development of standard crops; in presentations, workshops, seminars, and conferences in my professional and trade union activity from 2004 until today.

From 2004 until today I have been involved in researching and organizing a organic farming farm with production, processing, standardization and marketing of organic products produced under the Bio Ilis subtle brand in products such as olive oil, citrus, vegetables and olives, soft wheat, wheat Zea, Corinthian raisins, sun -dried tomato etc.

I maintain an organic shop in Amaliada and I am in charge of the Olympic Products Network with producers from all over Ilia. At the same time, I am active as a consultant, technologist agronomist, for the development of organic farming and livestock farming and creating producer groups, improvement plans and young farmers programs.

I was Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 16th Panhellenic Congress of NEW FARMERS WITH THE THEME “NEW FARMERS AND ENVIRONMENT” September 3-6, 2009 in the IAA of Ancient Olympia. I was chairman of the Commission for the 1st Festival of NEW FARMERS from the “destruction of the creation” held in Mouria of Ancient Olympia in the summer of 2010.

Former President of the Panhellenic Union of Young Farmers (PENA) from 2013 -2019; elected President from 2005 until today in the Union of NEW FARMERS OF ILIA – ELAIKI LAND; President of the professional agricultural cooperative BIOILIS (from 2007 until today); Former Special Secretary of the Panhellenic Union of Young Farmers (2007-2010); Vice -President of the Association of TECHNOLOGY OF GEOPON GRAMMENTS OF BIOLOGICAL GEORGIA.

2004-2007 Member of the Board of Directors of the Amaliada Athletic Association “KORONIOS”; Member of the Amaliada Shopping Association; Member of the Amaliada Agricultural Association; Member of the N. ELIA Organization Association; Member of the Frankavilas Amaliada Cultural and Landscape Association; Member of the Ilia Citizens Movement; Member of the N. ELIA Potato Producers Association; Member of MODIA Association (Municipal Traditional Song); Municipal Councilor of Elis 2010-2013-Former Local Development Department (Deputy Mayor); Participation and awarding the “Best Young Farmer in Europe” competition where we won the first prize for the year 2016 with my family members; Vice-President of the Association of Agricultural Graduates of Organic Agriculture 2017-2019; Vice -Mayor of Rural Development of Greece; President of the Agricultural Partnership of Greece.

Topic: Organic farming: protagonist in the rural future