AgriBusiness Pieria 2023

Field Visit Program

Kiwifruit Producers Pyrgetos Cooperative

The Kiwifruit Producers Organization created in 2015, is governed by a 7-member management board and has 42 members. The arable areas of the members reach 700 acres and are constantly increasing. The yield in fresh fruit reaches 1,800 tons per year, while it is certified with GLOBAL G.A.P., GRASP and AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 for issues related to kiwi cultivation.


  • 14h30 departure to Kiwifruit Producers Cooperative in Pyrgetos (20 mins drive time from Poseidon Palace)
  • 15h00 site visit and orientation tour 
  • 15h30 QAs and discussion
  • 16h00 light lunch welcome reception offered by Kiwifruit Producers Cooperative 
  • 17h15 end of the field visit program


  • A reservation for the field visit program is mandatory.
  • Delegates should confirm their participation to the secretariat up until Friday 3/11/2023, 14h30
  • Participants should join with their own vehicles on convoy basis
  • Program is subject to changes/modifications