Dimitris is publisher of the electronic newsletter AgroNea and associate journalist at AgrOrama (informal structure of farmers-producers of branded products), at Skywalker (Entrepreneurship Paths), at the newspapers STENTORAS, Agrenda, and RURAL expression.

He has experience in Management of Technical Projects, Procurement Management, HR Management, Training and Learning Management, Study Visit Management, and Public Relations Management. He has participated in expeditions for rural issues in 35 countries, and has worked as a consultant in local development projects, as Lifelong Learning projects manager, as an HR manager, as a College Teacher, and as a contractor of large technical projects for the private sector.

Today he is conducting large number of presentations in topics like: Local Community Growth, Rural Development, Social Economy, Social Cooperative Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Youth or Women Entrepreneurship, etc.

Dimitris is assisting voluntarily following organizations: Former Boy Scouts of Thermi, Network of Volunteer Organizations of Thessaloniki, Young Farmer’s Unions, Observatory of Civil Society Organizations, “PROSKALO” Cooperation Initiative for the Social and Solidarity Economy, Attika Livestock Breeder’s Association, and other Cooperatives.

Topic: Co-Moderator (Session-1)