Born and raised in Thessaloniki with roots as far as Eastern Romylia and Pontus. A Balkan enriched by the influence of Peloponnese. Inspirer and key creators of a culinary project that loved by the public and fascinated New York Times Sebrico’ That first “push” at Frangon  Road in Thessaloniki,  had led his step to the next destination called Thria, located on Maria Callas Street 1. Chef Ambassador of the City of Thessaloniki for 2018. London’s Sunday Times traveller magazine gave the restaurant the title of gourmand’s destination in the 2019 issue.

‘The roots of my kitchen lie in the cuisines of Jewish, Slavs, Ottomans, Izmir and Pontus. My ambition is to deconstruct and reconstitute the culinary tradition of the place in a modern gastronomic proposal that expresses and matures in this city. Materials and traditions from the Mediterranean basin blend in with innovative techniques and bold ideas to bring a piece of the history of the future to today’s desires. ‘

Topic: Greek Premium raw materials in hotels and restaurants, myths and possibilities!