Mr.Ilia Tamarashvili currently serves as a Director of Rural Development Agency (RDA), under Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.

The mission of the RDA is to develop rural areas of Georgia including the development of both agricultural and non-agricultural economic activities. The Agency has been implementing dozens of subsidy programs for over 8 years that are a critical attractive mechanism for investing in rural areas. Those programmes are represented as grants and subsidies covering annual interest rates of banking loans and therefore  decreasing interest rate financial pressure on farmers. This funding mechanism is the most economical in  the country. The Agency also creates a culture of agri-Insurance by covering part of the annual premium for farmers. As a whole, Agency has implemented programmes that attracted minimum 4 billion Georgian Lari investment in agriculture and rural activities and created a strong background for development of the whole value chain of thea. As a result, over 100 000 local population was employed due to the programmes implemented by RDA.

Ms Tamarashili hold different managerial positions for 18 years. He previously served as a Department Director of Sales, Lending and Learning in diverse leading Commercial Georgian Banks for 12 years.

He speaks Georgian, English and Russian fluently. He is married and is a father of one daughter and two boys.

Topic: Public programmes supporting women entrepreneurship through both agricultural and non-agricultural initiatives