Sponsorship Opportunities

AgriBusiness Forum flexible sponsorship plan offers range of opportunities at strengthening networking and corporate outreach.  We would be happy to discuss and exchange more information

Below some reasons on why supporting AgriBusiness Forum:

As Corporate:

  • Speaker opportunities;
  • Leading Partners opportunities;
  • Extensive branding throughout AgriBusiness Forum on/offline materials;
  • Corporate outreach and networking opportunities;
  • Complimentary conference registration fees;
  • Speakers’ interview to our media sponsors
  • One to One meetings with speakers and/or innovative scaleups;
  • Exhibiting space;
  • Social media campaigns

As Delegate

  • Sharpen the saw and gain new contacts;
  • Boost corporate outreach and networking opportunities;
  • Attire contacts from agribusiness leaders, agtech innovators, farmers and policy makers;
  • Gain insights from first class speakers and influencers;
  • Participate to vigorous dialogues and debates;
  • Grasp cross-sectoral knowledge on the agrifood value chain;
  • Be part of agrotechnology future and developments;
  • Identify new ideas from innovative businesses & scaleups;

Also because AgriBusiness Forum work matters, being

  • International: with extensive networking across Europe, Asia and Americas
  • Trusted: being independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental and non-partisan platform
  • Credible: delivering objective studies, undergoing of rigorous peer review
  • Relevant: providing content-driven arguments & data to the public discourse
  • Transparent: rolling clear outputs to its audiences
  • Evident: boasting content for impact overseen by experienced academics and businesses

And furthermore due to AgriBusiness farm to fork means

  • Providing content driven and multidisciplinary agenda
  • Disseminating innovation, digitization and digital transformation across agrifood value chain
  • Hosting first class speakers from education, research, businesses and policy makers
  • Accommodating multidimensional audience from business, farming, financing, academia and the public sectors
  • Boasting dialogue and debates between panels and the audience
  • Integrating partnerships and cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Fueling the competitive advantage of the agrifood systems in Greece and beyond
  • Connecting layers of learning, challenging, conferencing, field-visiting and networking activities
  • Supporting early stage innovative scaleups at reaching higher growth potentials
  • Adopting high-scaling partnerships and conference proceedings