Christiana Kalogirou was born in Athens. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (former HIEBS) and a Master of Science degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Disaster and Crisis Management Strategies in Administrative and Development sectors.

She has worked in the private sector for 20 years. She has carried out studies and scientific work in the fields of economic and regional development. At the same time, she was actively involved in initiatives relating to sustainable development, maritime economy, entrepreneurship, culture, environmental protection, as well as women’s issues.

In 2004, she was elected Member of Parliament with the New Democracy party representing Lesvos Prefecture. In 2012, she assumed the position of Secretary General of the Decentralized Aegean Administration of the Ministry of Interior. In 2014, she was elected Regional Governor of Northern Aegean. From August 2019 to April 2021 she served as Secretary General of the Aegean and Island Policy of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs  and Insular Policy. In April 2021 she took over the position of Secretary General of Rural Development and Food.

Topic: Agritourism, Mediterranean Diet and Local Development