Marina Tosheska, a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine, is a founder of the digital platform, primarily focused on the promotion, marketing and sale of agricultural products, by connecting local women producers with national and international markets.  The platform not only promotes their food, but also regional literature, art, tourist attractions, sites, tours and adventures, as well as gastronomic entities from the Pelagonija region. aims to build more economically sustainable rural community, and acts as a pillar of support for the rural women.

Now also a president of the Union of Associations for Rural Development – Network of LAGs in North Macedonia, Marina focuses on staying globally connected in supporting women entrepreneurs in agribusiness sector and promoting agribusiness as a force for good that generate transformational economic impact.

As a manager in the civil society organization Local Action Group AGRO LIDER, she centres her work on educational and professional support to women in rural areas in implementing community-led initiatives. Her involvement in civic activism has particularly focused on rural women’s rights, gender equality and women entrepreneurship.

Topic: Digital platforms to assist women entrepreneurs to access markets