Nardane Kuşçu was born in Turkey in 1954, among female farmers who were connected to nature intimately and became important woman role models to her. After continued working as primary school teacher for 42 years (retired in 1996), she continued her working life by giving trainings, individual or corporate consulting.

In 2002, she established Nar NLP with the aim to provide training and consultancy especially to children, families and institutions. She then established Nar Education and Consulting company, then in 2007 Narköy, an Organic Agriculture Farm, Ecological Hotel and Training Center, with the participation of all family members.

In accordance with the principles of Narköy ecosystem, minimum carbon and water footprint was established based on women’s farming as a facility compatible with nature. Since 2007, Nardane has been actively working with the public, local government, private sector, schools, universities and individuals, continuing to provide consultancy and sharing her knowledge on organic farming techniques etc.

As a woman entrepreneur, she participated in many conferences and received awards. She continues to work and cooperate on the protection and understanding of ancestral seeds and weeds, which are the original children of nature and on the establishment of intergenerational bridges and the transmission of knowledge in sustainable way. She has devoted her life to making women’s labor visible and to the continuation of the circular and social economy.

Topic: Green entrepreneurship focusing on the protection of endemic species and fauna