Image, video, sound data policy

The policy applies to all kind of AgriBusiness Forum formats, inclusive in person, hybrid or virtual participation

Any AgriBusiness Forum participant, including speakers, panelists, delegates, subcontractors and staff, in order to access the event, namely the Masterclasses, the Challenge, the Conference and the Field Visits modules, they accept, agree and consent to the following terms and conditions.

If you do not agree with those terms, please refrain from registering to the event.

  1. AgriBusiness Forum (herein after referred to as ABF) is to the ownership and jurisdiction of the nonprofit organization Geo Routes Institute (herein after referred to as Geo Routes).
  2. Participants acknowledge, agree and consent that during ABF there will be photo, video, audio and speaker’s presentations recordings by Geo Routes in the context of conference documentation.
  3. Participants grant Geo Routes the right to make free use of the aforementioned content to its affiliated websites, including but not limited to,,, the social media channels connected to those websites, as well as to all media and communication partners, bodies, institutions or anyone else related with ABF.
  4. Geo Routes is committed handling aforementioned content and data in a professional manner and solely in the context of ABF. Any disagreement must be submitted in written, prior to the registration to the email
  5. ABF speakers, panelists and delegates are solely responsible for the material presented to the conference, furthermore that they have the rights at using such material publicly. ABF has no responsibility for copyrighted or otherwise protected material presented by any person to the conference without the consent of the creator or rights holder.
  6. Geo Routes may prohibit the taking of photos and/or the making of audio and video recordings by participants who have not received accreditation for such purpose. Only photographers / cameramen holding official accreditation are allowed to operate within ABF venue(s). Copy of any photographic material and/or audio and video recordings shall be provided to Geo Routes.
  7. Unless Participants expressly refuse consent in advance, they authorize, free of charge, Geo Routes and its partners to photograph and/or record the voice and image of the Participant(s), the stands or specific items displayed within stands, distribute photos and/or recordings to third parties and to communicate them to the public, in the whole world, which may be presented (in particular in the form of live or delayed broadcasting), reproduced without limit as to the number of reproductions and published, in the whole world, in any format, using any method or process known or unknown at this time, in whole or in part, on all tangible or intangible media known or unknown at this time, including, in particular, the internet (the websites of the Organizer and its partners and social networks), and on any other promotional or marketing tool it may use for information or promotional purposes.


If you have any questions or concerns about AgriBusiness Forum Digital Policy, please contact us at