The AgriBusiness Thessaly Summit 2021

AgriBusiness Thessaly Summit 2021 is held on 19-20/11/2021 in Trikala-Greece highlighting “The Future of Thessaly plain in the digital era”; spanning across high caliber sessions, 35 focal areas and 40 renowned speakers. The conference will be Covid-free and will be held with the physical participation of the speakers and accredited audience representing leading businesses, financial services, innovative farmers, policy makers, research and academia.

AgriBusiness Forum is committed to advancing knowledge for the digitization & digital transformation of the agrifood value chain from seed to fork; and pivotal platform at boosting innovation and integrating partnerships towards viable, sustainable, traceable and resilient agrifood systems in Greece and beyond. It spans across number of top-tier networking & learning activities, including conferences, summits, masterclasses and AgriFood Traction Tours; while maintains cooperation with distinctive national, regional and international bodies & organizations. 


Dr. Nikolaos Danalatos

Dean - Professor of Agronomy & Crop Ecology, Thessaly University

Mr. George Pontikas

President & CEO, Syngenta Hellas

Mr. Costas Apostolopoulos

Head of the Evaluation & Institutional Support, Managing Authority for Rural Development Programme

Mr. Athanasios Markinos

President of the BoD, TOEV Tavropos-Karditsa


Friday, 19 November 2021


Welcome & opening remarks

photoMr. Giannis Balakakis

Chair, Geo Routes Institute
Chair Organizing Committee AgriBusiness Forum

photoMs. Tatiana Giemelou

Head Business Development sector, National Bank of Greece

Chapter-1: CAP 2021-2027, EU Recovery Fund, “Green Deal”

photoDr. George Stylios

Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food

photoMr. Tassos Haniotis

Director, Strategy, Simplification & Policy Analysis, DG Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission
The role of the CAP and the Strategic Plans in supporting a climate-sustainable ad innovative agriculture

photoMr. Petros Kokkalis

MEP European Parliament, Member of the Committees ENVI, AGRI, PECH, BUGD
The future is the transition towards sustainable and climate-resilient food systems

photoMr. Dimitris Lianos

Ass. Managing Director, LKN ANALYSIS LTD
Lessons learnt from the implementation of the Rural Development Policy 1989-2014 in the preparation of the Strategic Plan of the CAP 2023-2027

photoDr. Charalambos Kasimis

Professor, Rural Sociology, Agricultural University of Athens
The challenges for Greek agriculture in the new programming period



Chapter-2: Present & future of large-scale agriculture. Precision farming & Yield management

photoDr. Nikolaos Danalatos

Dean - Professor of Agronomy & Crop Ecology, Thessaly University
Problems and perspectives of agriculture in Thessaly, with focus on the sloping lands

photoDr. Theofanis Gemtos

Emeritus Professor, Farm Mechanization, Thessaly University
Field crop future: crop selection, cropping practices and sustainability in the era of climate change

photoMr. George Pontikas

President & CEO, Syngenta Hellas
The future of large-scale agriculture amidst a changing environment

photoDr. Sotiris Bantas

CEO, Centaur Analytics
Smart Technology for Sustainable Farm-to-Shelf Supply Chains

photoDr. George Zalidis

Professor, Lab Director of Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy and G.I.S., AUTh
Green and digital investments in the agri-food sector

photoDr. George N. Zanakis

Marketing & Development Manager, Corteva Agriscience Hellas
Digital Ag Production: applied Crop Solutions by Corteva Agrisience



Chapter-3: Financial instruments for efficient agribusiness

photoMr. Christoforos Chatzopoulos

Head of Business Banking & Retail Lending, National Bank of Greece
Contract Farming for sustainable growth

photoMr. Costas Apostolopoulos

Head of the Evaluation & Institutional Support, Managing Authority for Rural Development Programme

photoDr. Konstantinos Tsimpoukas

Dean - Professor, Agribusiness Management, Agricultural University of Athens
The Agricultural Advisory System of the Agricultural University of Athens - From Theory to Practice

photoMr. Alexandros Dimitrakopoulos

Regional Mandate Manager, European Investment Fund (EIF)
Can financial instruments improve Greek farm competitiveness?

photoMr. Aristotelis Basdanis

President, Chamber of Magnesia

photoMr. Vassilis Giagiakos

President, Chamber of Trikala

Lunch break


Chapter-4: Energy & Water supplies: rivers, reservoirs, green-energy

photoMr. Dimitris Papagianidis

Secretary General of European Funds & Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture & Food
Integrated program for the development of rural infrastructure and climate change mitigation in Greece, ISIODOS

photoDr. Spyros J. Kiartzis

Manager New Technologies & Alternative Energy Sources, Hellenic Petroleum SA
The Challenges of Energy Transition: Investing in New Energy Technologies

photoDr. Athanasios Loukas

Ass. Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Water Balance of Thessaly: Past, Present, Future. Alternative Proposals and Prospects

photoDr. Nicholas Dercas

Vice Rector, Professor Agricultural Hydraulics, Agricultural University of Athens
Reclamation Works in Greece: In Need of Rehabilitation and Modernization.

photoMr. Athanasios Markinos

President of the BoD, TOEV Tavropos-Karditsa
TOEV Tavropou Karditsa: A modern approach for water management irrigation

photoMr. Costas Goumas

Agronomist, fm. President GEOTEE CG, fm. Director of Land Reclamation Service of Larissa
Necessary infrastructures to cover the water deficit of Thessaly



Chapter-5: Livestock, Dairy, Aquaculture industries

photoMr. Simos Kedikoglou

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Rural Development & Food
Towards the development of food of animal origin through the digital era

photoMr. Michalis Sarantis

Managing Director, Hellenic Dairies SA
Greek cheese production1961-2021: 60 years of progress in Greek cheese quality

photoDr. Charalambos Billinis

Professor, Lab Director of Microbiology & Parasitology of Veterinary Science, Thessaly University
Infectious Diseases of ruminants, threat to Food Safety

photoDr. Demetrios Kouretas

Professor, Animal Physiology & Toxicology, Thessaly University
The new food labelling system AFQ in the EU

photoDr. Ioannis Boziaris

Professor, Lab Director of Marketing & Technology of Aquatic Products & Foods, Thessaly University
Quality, safety and authenticity of seafood in the digital era

photoDr. Efstratios Nikolaou

Director of Managment of Milk & Meat Auditing, ELGO-Demeter
Digital age in milk market controls. Case study of Artemis plus.

Ministerial level discussion

photoMr. Spilios Livanos

Minister Agriculture, Rural Development & Food, Greece

photoMr. Konstantinos Skrekas

Minister of Energy & Environment



Networking reception

Saturday, 20 November 2021


Welcome remarks | Aid & Natural Disaster Recovery State Strategy

photoMr. Giannis Balakakis

Chair, Geo Routes Institute
Chair Organizing Committee AgriBusiness Forum

photoDr. Christos Triantopoulos

Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister for State Aid & Natural Disaster Recovery

Chapter-6: Plant transformation & hort-innovation in view of climate change

photoDr. Konstantinos Baginetas

Secretary General, Agricultural Policy and International Relations, Ministry of Rural Development & Food

photoMr. Geert Wilms

Director, Agricultural Innovation Brabant LIB/ZLTO, South Holland Farmers Organization
Agro Innovation System: Collaboration between Academia, Farmers and Government

photoDr. Constantinos Kittas

Emeritus Professor, Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control, Thessaly University
The developmental perspectives of the crops under cover in Thessaly

photoDr. Nikolaos Katsoulas

Professor, Lab Director of Agricultural Constructions & Environmental Control, Thessaly University
Innovative actions at the Greenhouse Park of the University of Thessaly

photoDr. Dimitrios Savvas

Dean of Plant Sciences & Professor of Vegetable Production, Agricultural University of Athens
Vegetable Production: A sustainable alternative for the Thessalian grower



Chapter-7: The future of agriculture: The must of synergies between farmers-businesses-academia

photoMs. Christiana Kalogirou

Secretary General, Ministry of Agriculture & Food

photoMr. Vassilis Giagiakos

President, Chamber of Trikala
The initiatives of the Chamber of Trikala for the development of the primary production sector in Thessaly. Interconnection of university knowledge and research with actual production

photoMr. Kostas Theocharidis

Purchasing Manager, Barilla Hellas
Sustainability: the only mean to entrepreneurship

photoMr. Aristotelis Basdanis

President, Chamber of Magnesia

photoMr. Kostas Zygogiannis

President, Chamber of Karditsa
The agricultural sector and primary production as a lever for the development of the country

photoMr. Sotiris Yiannakopoulos

President, Chamber of Larisa

Remarks and conclusions

photoMr. Giannis Balakakis

Chair, Geo Routes Institute
Chair Organizing Committee AgriBusiness Forum

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